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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kendo wife

You’re at the movies watching a film about a woman who just started dating a kendoka. Fast-forward ten years, same woman wakes up next to an exhausted, stinking man. She leans over his shoulder and notices men and do set over two chairs, tare on the floor. She staggers to the kitchen and before getting there she trips over shinai grouped against the corridor wall. She makes coffee and gets distracted by old kote and new himo sitting over the counter. Coffee is ready and next to coffeepot are a flowery pot holder and a soiled tenugui. She smiles and chooses tenugui to pick up the pot. And then you wake up and realize that woman is you and this is definitely not a movie.

What is a kendo wife? Simply put, the woman behind male kendoka that acts as cheerleader, filmmaker, supporter and nurse. More often than not this woman practiced kendo with her husband at some point and gave up because one kendo freak in the house is one too many. She knows her husband’s competition stories by heart. Attends most practices and pays enthusiastic attention to his Nihon Kendo No Kata. And at night, she takes care of blistered, callused, fungus-ridden feet, swollen knuckles and bruised ribcage. Ah, the good life!

Kendoka recognize that to be successful in kendo you must rely on at least one individual that believes in you. It can be your wife, son, daughter, mom or dad, even Linda that cutie that started dating you (it’s not the other way around, trust me). They are your diehard fans and they look forward to helping you succeed.

When you are alone kendo becomes really hard and moving forward is more difficult. Even lone samurai Miyamoto Musashi had Otsu, his lifelong love; although they lived separate lives due to Miyamoto’s extensive travels he was certain of Otsu’s profound devotion and conveyed his feelings to her before final, epic battle with Sasaki Kojiro.

Kendo is not only about haya-suburi, kiri-kaeshi and shiai-geiko. There is a whole other dimension to it and includes all people kendoka relies on to become the best while mastering his individual way of the sword. These people deserve recognition and I strongly believe that without them kendo would not be as breathtaking and exciting as it is for all of us now.

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David said...

Estoy totalmente deacuerdo no tengo esposa pero tengo a mi novia apoyandome en todos los torneos y animandome, auqnue dejo de practicar kendo, sentir ese apoyo hace la practica y el trabajo duro mas facil, hay que celebrar por todas las mujeres que aguantan a un kendoka!

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