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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Makeshift arm protector

In my previous post I mentioned that Lopez Sensei crafted an arm protector out of old shinai parts. And, as promised I present a picture of the protector which was made with an old, worn-out kote, heavy duty plastic blue string and three bamboo sticks cut out from the old shinai.

Sensei are encouraged to use arm protectors because during class they will practice with all their students. In getting acquainted with shinai newbies will hit sensei's unprotected arm instead of kote many times, ouch! We do not recommend beginners use additional arm protector for a number of reasons, one of them being that kote itself provides enough protection for arm and wrist. Another reason is that students would get too confortable with additional cushioning. And, its easy to forget to block kote or do from your opponent if you are not feeling pain. Yes, sometimes pain in your hand, wrist and arm are a constant reminder to block your opponents attack and protect yourself.

Do you use arm protectors? Do you feel protectors harm your technique? Share with us your experience and pics!

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David said...

Hmm La verdnad no, nuestro sensei siempre nos dice que almenos que sintamos dolor no debemos usar mas de lo que el kendo pide, el mismo con mas de 60 años no usa moñequeras ni protectores en ninguna parte solo rodilleras y es cuando practica iaido.

Es importante en especial a la hora de que las personas nos ven, si observan a grupo de personas llenos de protectores, muñequeras coderas y rodilleras cualquiera pensaría que el kendo esta lleno de lesiones.

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