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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Friendship and camaraderie

From left to right: Sho-dan Rosemarie Read, Suyin Crook,
Christian Alfredo Acevedo Herrera, Martina Aldeano, Alberto Prado and Javier Moreno

PAKA’s kendo group is growing as you can see from this picture taken on August 14th at University of Panama gym (Photo Rosemarie Read). And with growth comes new challenges as older students introduce newbies to the Way of the Sword. Alberto and Javier (far right corner) have new responsibilities being the older students while sho-dan Rosemarie (left corner) is doing her part in blending her kendo club members with PAKA dojo. Old and new students, male and female, are happy to be part of this endeavor and we congratulate them for their extraordinary effort and determination.

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