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Monday, August 23, 2010

Kendo advantages

During your kendo career you will battle many people whose waza will be based on their height. The key to balance a match between two kendokas of different height is distance, speed and strikes at your opponent’s most vulnerable spots.

For instance, if you are shorter than your opponent do you utmost to get as close as possible to deliver physically powerful kote or do. If you are the tallest person in the match you will reach your opponent’s men easily but you will also have to keep your guard up and avoid giving your back to your adversary. Tall people do not need to “enter” to attack as they can attack from issoku ittō-no-maai whilst short people can have the advantage attacking from chika maai.

In kendo it is best to develop your own waza based on your physical advantages rather than on your shortcomings. Don’t get discouraged when facing an adversary either shorter or taller than you; study your opponent and learn from him or her to improve waza and develop new strategies for future matches.

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