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Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 Ozawa Cup

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Last weekend the Panama Canal Authority's gym became a martial arts stage as the 2010 Ozawa Cup was held.

Organized by Juan De Leon's Traditional Karate International Ozawa-Ha, the two-day tournament brought together nearly 350 local and foreign karate competitors and attracted a huge turnout of martial arts enthusiasts. As a local newsworthy event, the international tournament was covered by Channel 4 (RPC).

Raul Lopez Q. Sensei and his students, sponsored by Budokan Universitario, were invited by Juan De Leon Shihan to give a demonstration of kendo to the visiting public. Lopez Sensei’s team was joined by independent kendoka Delia Sanchez and Christian Alfredo Acevedo.

As Lopez' demonstration team began to appear the crowd started to get energized. Indeed, something about the kendo armor always stirs up the imagination, evoking images of mortal swordfights in medieval Japan. The event started at 6:30 pm with team demonstrating basic waza and shiai geiko. Narrating the demonstration was Raul Lopez R. Sensei, Panama's founder of both kendo and iado.

You can catch a short video of team's demonstration on our YouTube channel. Another lengthier video will be uploaded soon.

Here´s a picture of the members of the kendo team and some of the event organizers:

From left to right: Raúl López Q. Sensei, Delia Sánchez,
Juan De León Shihan, Raúl López R. Sensei, Christian Alfredo Acevedo,
 Adolfo Enever Hanshi, Javier Moreno and Alberto Prado. 

Kendo demonstration was a great success and the public was impressed with team's strength, timing and technique.

2010 Ozawa Cup Organizing Comitee

Juan De León Shihan
Edith Martínez Sensei
Rodrigo Espino Sensei

2010 Ozawa Cup Demonstration Team

Raúl López Q. Sensei
Alberto Prado
Javier Moreno
Delia Sánchez
Christian Alfredo Acevedo

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